Feb 07, 2007 · I am downloading an xml file.It have some invalid characters.In valid characters could be changed. I have an xml file for my custom setting.I will replace the invalid characters with the valid one. so I have added a node named InvalidCharacters in which i provide the invalid characters. 1, Now I want's to load these invalid characters in an .... Solution 1. The most obvious solution is to increase the compatibility level of the database for which you're trying to run OPENJSON () against. Running that code will increase the database's compatibility level to 150, which is more than high enough to support the OPENJSON () function. You should find a file titled AppOptions.xml; Rename the AppOptions.xml file to AppOptions_old.xml (this will prompt the application to regenerate the file on the next launch). Note: Another file in this folder titled RecentFileList.xml might also cause this issue. If renaming the AppOptions.xml file does not work, please rename this file as well. Nov 03, 2021 · Invalid Character Check. The Invalid Character Check processor provides a quick and easy way to find values that contain odd characters. Use the Invalid Character Check to check for unusual characters. This is particularly useful when analyzing free text fields, which may have 'data cheats' in them, where data entry users have worked .... Jan 11, 2016 · If you would have attached your problematic XML we could have seen, but what you pasted is valid XML. You say spanish character, so most likely an encoding issue (we can tell with sample attached). Since your XML does not contain an encoding specified in xml declaration, the default encoding by XML spec is assumed (UTF-8). Hermann.. Resolution. BW throws the error, 'An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x13) was found in the element content of the document.' . This suggests that the request message contains a (Unicode: 0x13) control character. A control character or non-printing character is a code point (a number) in a character set that does not represent a written symbol. If there is no obviously invalid character on that line (and you can try copying and pasting that line into a SELECT CONVERT(XML, N'{that_bad_line}'); statement to test out to confirm), then we can modify the DisplayN Stored Procedure to also output the VARBINARY hex values of each line so we can find hidden / control characters. "/> How to find invalid characters in xml
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